About Me

My name is Ryan and I am a recent graduate of the Masters of Library and Information Sciences program at San José State University.

Prior to my MLIS, I received my undergraduate degree in History and a minor in Communication Studies from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. It was here while spending a long night in the library surrounded by books and students that I thought, I could do this for a living.

After completing my degree, I decided to take my skills over to Algonquin College (just down the road from Carleton University) and completed the two-year Library and Information Technician diploma.

Why the LIT over the MLIS? At the time, I thought I needed to get a technical skill set under my belt. The university bachelor degree gave me one set of skills, while the college diploma would give me the hands-on knowledge I needed to enter the workforce. This is something that drives me in my studies. I don’t think academic institutions are giving students the skills they need to survive in the new information landscape. I hope to explore ways to provide library users transferable skills they can take with them beyond the library walls. In an increasingly online world, identifying good information will be paramount, not only in their academic studies but also day to day.

I have been working in libraries ever since. As a technician, I am gaining valuable experience that I can take with me to the managerial level. By the time I graduate, I should have approximately 7-8 years worth of library technician experience. This foundational understanding of the operational tasks in a library will allow me to make more informed decisions when it comes to the workflow of my fellow librarians and support staff.

While I like to study a wide variety of topics in library and information sciences, my passions include informal learning, gamification, emerging technology, blogging, participatory culture and big data (although I will admit at this time I am not well versed in big data practices).

Outside of libraries, school and work I am an avid sports fan (first and foremost, football). I am also really interested in board and video games, but I will admit that I am not very good at them. I like to think about the social aspect of them and what they can teach us.