Teaching philosophy series: Summarizing the lessons of my teaching philosophy

In the “Summarizing the lessons of my teaching philosophy” section, I reflect on the lessons I have learned throughout my academic and professional journey, which have shaped my teaching philosophy. I emphasize the importance of embracing one’s identity and unique perspective, fostering enduring connections between educators and students, and remaining open to self-reflection when venturing into uncharted territory. My philosophy is fundamentally shaped by my personal journey through higher education, which has driven my unique approach to teaching and information literacy.

Teaching philosophy series: Reflection is required for learning

In the “Reflection is required for learning” section I emphasize the importance of reflection in my teaching philosophy. I believe that continuous metacognitive growth is essential for personal and professional development, and I achieve this through reflective writing and research. I utilize blogging platforms to share and reflect on my work, delving into fleeting thoughts and ideas that emerge throughout my day. I apply this philosophy in the classroom through discussions, peer-to-peer learning, and online spaces, promoting a culture of reflection and continuous learning.

Teaching philosophy series: Pursuing university via the Enriched Support Program

In the “Pursuing university via the Enriched Support Program” section, I recount my acceptance into the Enriched Support Program (ESP) at Carleton University, which provided me with the opportunity to gain eligibility for university admission while earning first-year university credits. Despite initial uncertainty about my future, the program turned out to be a supportive and influential experience, shaping my instructional design process in a profound way.

Teaching philosophy series: Navigating my path to university

In the “Navigating my path to university” section, I describe my unconventional journey into the world of academia and university life. As the first student in my family to attend university, I broke the mold and took a less conventional route. This experience has influenced my teaching philosophy by emphasizing the importance of understanding the needs and interests of both students and faculty, fostering critical thinking, and helping new university students acclimate to the academic environment.

Teaching philosophy series: An introduction

Explore a librarian’s growth from a Carleton University library technician, overcoming challenges to develop an inclusive teaching philosophy. Witness the evolution towards dynamic, collaborative instructional sessions that foster critical thinking. Delve into the personal journey of overcoming obstacles, guiding students to become discerning information consumers and adapt to the academic environment.

Teaching Philosophy: Building good foundations

I love talking about teaching and more specifically innovative teaching practices. One of my goals this year is to actually sit down and write an official teaching philosophy. A teaching philosophy helps you define your values, goals, and beliefs regarding both teaching and learning. This is really challenging! So I’ve … Read more