About Me: An Introduction for LIBR 200

We live in a time where information is vast, accessible and both easy and affordable to produce. To some, libraries are considered outdated and outmatched by the ease of online search engine super giants like Google, Yahoo and Wikipedia. As a recent graduate of the Library and Information Technician Program at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario and a recently accepted student to San Jose State University’s MLIS program I feel that libraries are not outdated and outmatched, we are simply in a state of flux and must adapt (like other industries) to our changing landscape.

My name is Ryan and as I mentioned earlier I am a recent graduate of the Library and Information Technician Program at Algonquin College (summer of 2012). Prior to this, I was a student at Carleton University (Ottawa, Ontario) where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Minor in Communication Studies.

About Me: An Introduction for LIBR 200
Carleton University MacOdrum Library in Ottawa, Canada

Since graduating from Algonquin College I have worked in various library settings including the Canadian Federal Government (Agriculture and Agrifood Canada) and two academic institutions (Algonquin College and Carleton University). Over the past three years I have done document delivery/interlibrary loans, cataloguing, course reserves, and transcription services for students with disabilities.

While taking my LIT diploma I was always keen on furthering my education by doing additional research on my own beyond the scope of the technician diploma. I often considered pursuing my MLIS, but found great success in the community college setting. I was able to take advantage of opportunities that presented themselves including the Federal Student Work Exchange Program, meet and greets put on by the college and various volunteer experiences that allowed me to engage with information professionals.

When I graduated I was able to use my contacts and co-op placements to find work, which started me on my path to a career in the information sciences. After becoming a full time permanent employee at Carleton University Library, my interest in library policy and management continued to grow. After two years of working in the industry I wanted to contribute to the field of information sciences on a higher level. Many colleagues are either finishing their degrees at San Jose State or have completed it in the past and recommended the school as a great place to complete the MLIS.

During my time at SJSU I plan to follow the academic librarianship-career pathway closely, as working in an academic institution is where I want to focus my career goals. Working within an academic institution will allow me to continue doing research, interacting within a community of like-minded individuals and providing assistance to students and young professionals.

Some of my research interests include: copyright, open access, information literacy and big data.

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