Finding time: Writing for InsideOCULA

A vibrant 16-bit pixel art header depicts a person seated at a desk, gazing out of a window that showcases a dual scene. On the left, a winter landscape with falling snow and a snow-covered pine tree creates a serene atmosphere. To the right, the scene transitions to a warm, spring environment with cherry blossoms and a setting sun. The desk is cluttered with scattered papers and books, a calendar with pages flying off, and a computer screen, suggesting a busy work schedule. The image captures the balance of a writer's life, reflecting seasonal changes and the flow of time.

This post narrates a journey from losing touch with the cherished hobby of writing to rediscovering its joy at the OLA Super Conference. An invitation to contribute to InsideOCULA rekindles a love for writing, offering insights into balancing work with the pursuit of creativity.