ELIS Authority

In this video, we continue exploring the components of the C.R.A.P. Test. Authority looks at the creator of a resource. Who is the author? Do they provide credentials? What are their qualifications? Do they provide their contact information? What does the URL say about the resource? This is the sixth video in theĀ Everyday Life Information Seeking Series.

The Authority of Information video for the ELIS series

Link to the transcription for this video.


Use the comment section to consider the following questions and apply them to your own information community or information need.

  1. Who is the author/publisher/source/sponsor?
  2. Are the author’s credentials or organizational affiliations given?
  3. What are the author’s credentials or organizational affiliations given?
  4. What are the author’s qualifications to write on the topic?
  5. Is there contact information, such as a publisher or e-mail address?
  6. Does the URL reveal anything about the author or source?

Once you are finished with this post, feel free to continue to the next post which looks at the Purpose of information which can be found here.

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