ELIS Information Overload

In this video, we start to explore the idea of information overload, a serious problem with the amount of information available to us in an increasingly online world. This is the second video in the Everyday Life Information Seeking Series.

Link to transcript for the video.


Before proceeding to the next post, I want you to think about an information community that you are a part of or an information need that you have. This should be something you are genuinely interested in and look for information about in your everyday lives. This can be anything, here are just a few examples of communities or information needs that you might have.

  • Photography
  • Video Games
  • Knitting
  • Fashion
  • Genealogy
  • Sports
  • Food
  • True Crime
  • Travel
  • Television

These are very general topics of interest but feel free to narrow in on something more specific, for example, is there a specific sport or video game that you look up information for? or perhaps, you need information about a purchase you might be making in the future. For example, recently I was looking to purchase a new digital camera, which required substantial research on the Internet.


Use the comment section to identify an information community that you are part of or an information need that you may have. Then feel free to move on to the next post which is about understanding expertise.

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