ChatGPT: Clever, but not infallible

As I explored the capabilities of ChatGPT, I put it to the test by tasking it with generating an annotated bibliography entry for a well-known work, Paulo Freire’s “Pedagogy of the Oppressed“. To my surprise, it delivered a satisfactory entry in just 20 seconds. However, I decided to challenge ChatGPT … Read more

Big trouble in little trivia

When people ask me to do a trivia event, my first thought is… blurgskdaskjhga. That’s right, blurgskdaskjhga is a real thing. Well, kind of. It’s a combination of two words. The words “blurg” and “skdaskjhga”.  From Urban Dictionary, “blurg” is a “Versatile expression of confusion, annoyance, anger, boredom, or surprise, meaning … Read more

Making APA Style fun and engaging

Recently, I was approached by a colleague who requested my assistance in creating a fun and engaging activity to teach APA (American Psychology Association) citation in the classroom. Given that “APA citation” and “fun” are not often used in the same sentence, I knew this would be a challenge. However, … Read more

Pick 2: A simple approach to library instruction

Image depicts a young man between 2 paths

Years ago I saw this image popularized on social media and shared by an engineer friend of mine. Such a simple image had a huge impact on me and I have been reflecting on it as I consider my professional teaching philosophy. The image is clean, simple and concise and … Read more

Teaching Philosophy: Building good foundations

I love talking about teaching and more specifically innovative teaching practices. One of my goals this year is to actually sit down and write an official teaching philosophy. A teaching philosophy helps you define your values, goals, and beliefs regarding both teaching and learning. This is really challenging! So I’ve … Read more

Happy Independence Day

As we celebrate Independence Day, I am reminded of my own personal journey of liberation. On July 4th, 2019, I had a difficult conversation with my father that marked a turning point in my life. It’s a story that I have hesitated to share, as it feels personal and intimate. … Read more