Reflections: Meme-ing through social distancing

I can’t journal. I just can’t.

But I can meme.

These are tough and uncertain times and we must take the COVID-19 situation very seriously. While, yes, it is important to take the current situation seriously, we still have to stop and find joy and happiness wherever we can find it. For me, and I think many people, humour is going to get us through this situation.

Updated: April 9, 2020

How is this still a problem?

Mute it, just mute it… (sung to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Beat it).

I think this is my biggest pet peeve working at home. Seriously, I don’t need to hear whatever is happening on the other side of your microphone. Most VoIPs allow you to connect with your mic muted by default.

Working on my yearly goals

Last year we started an initiative to plan yearly goals. We meet with our supervisors to ensure that we have the support needed to complete them. This is basically how my goal planning is going so far…

It’s been a month and the votes are in

Can you believe it’s been about a month since most of us have started social distancing? This is something I did not anticipate.

The good news? This happened.

My greatest fear at the moment

Everyone’s greatest accomplishment so far. This is a viral video making the rounds from March 21, 2020. Don’t be this woman. Poor woman.

No video? No audio? No problem…

I often keep my mic muted and my video off for Zoom meetings, however, I usually use the chat feature quite a bit. I often think if my colleagues think I’m just logging into Zoom then going away to do something else… (which isn’t the case).

Update: I connected to video chat for our Wacky Hat Friday Meeting!

Emails… emails everywhere

Are you drowning in a sea of emails too? I think we all are…

…I think we all are.

4:59 pm virtual reference

Isn’t it always the case? You are two minutes from finishing your last Friday virtual chat shift and you get five last minute questions? No? Is that just me?

Virtual reference shifts

I’m obviously over exaggerating but I love doing virtual chat shifts. They make me feel more connected to the community and I love trying to help people answer questions.

When you don’t have your files…

I mostly keep my files in OneDrive or some other easily accessible location. However, there are a few things I’d love to have access to my desk for. Librarians love our files, don’t we?

No access to physical library collections

Print or digital?

Like many libraries, our collection of print material is not accessible to users. Instead, we are encouraging users to use our online resources. This has me feeling like…

It’s only been three days

It’s been three days… three… days…

I also had to take the bus today… I’m sorry, I had to.

Mute your mic

Hearing EDC telling people it’s best if they mute their microphones for “quality” not because we hear the delicious almonds you are eating.

Not my meme but I think I spit coffee out when I got this.

Working from home

First chat shift working from home has me feeling like… Joking aside, chat was decently busy. I had both research and COVID-19 related questions.

Day 1- Getting your office ready

Day one of social distancing and prepping for work via working from home. Making sure I can connect to all the services I need and attending several meetings.

All meme’s were made by me, unless stated in the captions! I use Meme Generator. Please meme responsibly…

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