ChatGPT is really bad at procedural tasks

This image features a close-up view of an airplane safety instruction card. The card is divided into multiple panels, each containing illustrations and instructions for various safety procedures. These include how to use an oxygen mask, how to inflate a life vest, and the correct brace positions in case of an emergency. The illustrations are colorful and designed to be easily understandable, using a combination of images and minimal text to communicate critical safety information. The overall layout is designed for quick reference, catering to passengers' needs during an emergency.

In this post, I look at ChatGPT’s ability to create procedural tasks in images. Using paper airplanes, three-fingered dwarves, origami rabbits, and the sinking Titanic we look at the limitations of this powerful tool in creating coherent instructional images.

AI image generation: From text to images

A digital image displaying a matrix of green alphanumeric characters cascading vertically on a black background, reminiscent of digital data streams or the iconic 'Matrix' code rain.

Generative AI has been filling our newsfeeds and dominating discussions over the past 18 months. In this post, I explore the feelings I have toward AI image generation and the opportunities we have to teach information consumers about this powerful new generative AI technology.

Blurring realities: Indistinguishable human and machine creations

A digital art piece showcasing the convergence of traditional higher education and futuristic AI. It depicts a person stepping from an open book, symbolizing conventional learning, through a luminous, code-lined portal into a digital space. Classic university buildings flank the portal, while above, digital and educational elements merge, with neural networks and technological devices floating in the sky. This represents the theme 'Entering the Matrix: When Human and Machine Creations Become Indistinguishable' for a blog post header.

Explore the nuances of AI integration in higher education and the digital realm, highlighting the necessity for conscious engagement with indistinguishable AI involvement. Addressing the blend of AI-generated and human content, the author advocates for visual cues to make AI’s role discernible, underscoring transparency in an increasingly machine-generated world.