Shyla and Ryan’s Japan Tour 2018/2019 (Presentation)

So, yesterday I was finally able to share Shyla and I’s Japan Tour with my colleagues at Carleton University Library. Over an hour “Lunch and Learn” presentation we looked at over 200 photos on an absolutely massive 107 slide Google Slideshow (featured below).

The session was well received with over 40 library staff, and even external university staff in attendance.

You often hear the saying that “less is more”, but in this case, I didn’t feel comfortable cutting anything from our journey. Each day carried with it a new part of our 27-day story.

The session, originally planned for 60 minutes, was interrupted by a computer software update that I was unable to postpone (good job scheduling this computer people)! Even still, the session ended around 1:15 pm so really we were on pace to complete the session on time (the computer glitch was about 10-12 minutes). No matter how much you prepare and plan for technology, you can’t foresee all these issues.

Shyla was a special guest for this session and really made it special. We used Skype to transport her virtually to our location and used the program’s slide share feature so that she could see what we were seeing. Her insight saved me on more than a few occasions. Thank you, Shyla!

So please, have a look at the slideshow below. Remember, this is only a subset of the 1000s of photos we took on our trip. For more photos check out the full album list at the bottom of the post here.

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