T-minus under 2 weeks until Japan trip #2

Twice in one year? Inconceivable!? But alas, I am heading back to Tokyo in May/June of this year.

Unlike the last trip which saw Shyla and I travel to Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka, Fukui, and Kanazawa, this time we are going to be a little bit more stationary. That means no Shinkansen trips, at least not that we currently have planned.

Instead, this trip will mostly be situated in Tokyo with visits to Disney (both Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea), a 4 day trip to the northern island of Hokkaido (to a city called Hakodate), and various museums in the Tokyo area.

…and maybe a day trip over to Mount Fuji?

Needless to say, I’m excited to get back over to see Shyla again and continue our Japan Adventure. The last trip, ended on a bit of a bad note with me getting sick, rendering one of my final days in the city basically stuck in bed.

Even though I got sick…

That said, getting sick didn’t stop us from completing most of the things on our Japan “To Do” list. If you remember my initial Japan post from last November, we did actually accomplish many of the things on the list, however, one of the things on that list that we didn’t accomplish was visiting the teamLab Planets exhibit. I’m hoping to get in to see that this time around.

Posting on the blog

Last time I visited, I updated the blog on the Shinkansen ride between the prefectures we visited. That was tiring and I feel that I might not have been able to enjoy the time as much as I could have (I pulled an all-nighter to get A Tale of Two Hikers published!). That said, I have an awesome archive of all the cool places we visited! Perhaps this time I will keep a handwritten journal of daily adventures. Instead, updating Facebook with our photo albums and provide daily “snapshot” updates of the trip, saving the majority of the writing for when I return home. I can use the handwritten journal to make reference in greater detail once we are back in Canada.

How does that sound? Don’t worry, I’ll still publish the best photos we take each day to shared Google Albums made available through Facebook. I think people enjoyed that.

Follow along on Instagram

I’m not an Instagrammer, but I play one on TV? Anyways, feel free to follow us on Instagram again. I’m going to try and post more to this platform this time around. I’m not a “Story” person but maybe I should be?

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Points of Interest on My Maps for Japan 2.0

Check out some of our points of interest for this upcoming trip. I’m particularly excited to see the Little Peeing Monk Statue. Why? I really don’t know… do not judge me!

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