ELIS Introductory Video

This is the introductory video for the Everyday Life Information Seeking (ELIS) series that attempts to help users understand their role in the online information environment. This is the first video in the Everyday Life Information Seeking Series.

The introductory video for the ELIS series

Link to video transcript.


Take a moment to reflect on the quote shown at the end of the first video.

“There is a growing mountain of research. But there is increased evidence that we are being bogged down today as specialization extends. The investigator is staggered by the findings and conclusions of thousands of other workers—conclusions which he cannot find time to grasp, much less to remember, as they appear. Yet specialization becomes increasingly necessary for progress, and the effort to bridge between disciplines is correspondingly superficial.

The difficulty seems to be, not so much that we publish unduly in view of the extent and variety of present day interests, but rather that publication has been extended far beyond our present ability to make real use of the record. The summation of human experience is being expanded at a prodigious rate, and the means we use for threading through the consequent maze to the momentarily important item is the same as was used in the days of square-rigged ships”.

Use the comment section of this post to reflect on the following:

  1. What do you think is the context in which this quote was written?
  2. Was there anything you found interesting or thought-provoking?

The next video in the series is titled Information Overload and can be found here.

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