Expertise in conversations

How we talk is greatly influenced by our audience’s level of expertise on a topic. In my last few posts, I have reflected on authentic conversations in the classroom. Creating authentic conversations in library information instruction is extremely important in ensuring that students understand the role of the library in … Read more

Academic writing is boring

Memorable teaching moments are usually authentic It’s funny how some of our most memorable teaching moments are the most authentic. I remember once, I was teaching an entry-level psychology class. One of the exercises I use is to have students look at five different types of sources. Typically, these include … Read more

The San Jose State University ePortfolio experience

Update: Since writing this post I have found out that the iSchool offers a very similar planning tool to its students. Their tool is an Excel file available for download through the iSchool Advising Toolkit, or you can download it directly from here. Both tools are very similar in their … Read more

Research and Presentations

Publications (By invitation) Tucci, R. (2024, April 4). ChatGPT chronicles: Navigating the emotional landscape of generative AI in higher education. InsideOCULA. Attridge-Bufton, A., Harkness, C., & Tucci, R. (2020). Play Your Cards Right: An Information Literacy Card Game for Undergrads. In E. Kroski (Ed.), 52 Ready-to-use gaming programs for … Read more