When two worlds collide: Games and qualitative research

I’m trying my best to separate my professional and personal life. Mostly, due to working from home during the pandemic. My office is also my dining room, which is also my living room. Due to this, the divide between these two aspects of my life has become increasingly blurred.  The last place I want to be thinking of working is while lying … Read more

Flickr, you were the chosen one…

In preparation for my trip to Japan, I was on the hunt for the best platform for travel photo sharing. I thought that was going to be Flickr. I had long forgotten about Flickr until I read a recent review about it. They offer users a staggering 1TB worth of … Read more

Presentation Tool: Mentimeter

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the OCULA Fall Conference 2016. The keynote speaker was Alec Couros, a professor of educational technology and media in the Faculty of Education at University of Regina. He spoke about the role of the Library of the Future. The talk … Read more