Hiroshima: A City Rebuilt (December 19 to 22)

Hiroshima is infamous for being one of two cities targeted by the United States during World War II (the second being Nagasaki, another 300 km south west of Hiroshima). So it was important to make this stop on our 14-day tour outside of Tokyo. Both Shyla and I knew this … Read more

A Tale of Two Hikers

Pixel art image of two hikers in a 16-bit video game style, walking on a trail towards Mount Fuji, surrounded by a lush forest.

Once upon a time, there were two hikers. We will name them Shylen and Rytu, any similarities to real life people are purely coincidental and are not based on anyone in particular. Anyways, Shylen and Rytu decided to climb Mount Misen located on Miyajima, a small island southwest of Hiroshima, … Read more

Kyoto: A Timeless City (December 16 to 19)

Day 1 (arrival day): December 16 We arrived in Kyoto on Sunday evening. This means that not a lot was open but it gave us an opportunity to visit some of the side streets around our hotel without many people around. Let me tell you, wandering around the backstreets behind … Read more

I’m leaving on a jet plane

So I made it! I can’t believe that back in August, I was about 109 days out from boarding a plane and heading to Japan. Today, I’m just a couple hours away. The flight to Toronto is a short trip (maybe an hour and fifteen minutes) but the bigger hurdle … Read more

Japan Trip 2018/19

This image created by ChatGPT's AI image generation, shows a 16-bit style pixelated image of an airplane landing at dusk in Tokyo. The city skyline glows with neon lights and sunset hues, featuring landmarks like Tokyo Tower and the Skytree. Streaks of light represent bustling city traffic, and a second airplane is visible in the sky.

So the Shyla and Ryan Japan Adventure 2018/19 has come to a close. It was an incredible 27 days! The plan is to continue writing posts about my experiences. I have gone ahead and made this a “Featured” post to avoid it getting buried behind new posts. Enjoy the collection … Read more

Upcoming Japan adventure

The right wing of a plane over clouds and sun

So the countdown is on, I will be travelling to Japan in just a couple of weeks! [tminus t= “13-12-2018 10:00:00″ before=” style=”carbonlite”]If you are seeing this, it means that I am already on my flight to Japan![/tminus]   My itinerary has me flying out of Ottawa’s Macdonald–Cartier International Airport … Read more

Flickr, you were the chosen one…

In preparation for my trip to Japan, I was on the hunt for the best platform for travel photo sharing. I thought that was going to be Flickr. I had long forgotten about Flickr until I read a recent review about it. They offer users a staggering 1TB worth of … Read more